George Karl Is Not Alone With 1,000 Wins And Zero Titles

George Karl

Last week, George Karl joined an exclusive club when he became the seventh NBA coach to win 1,000 games. (Of course he was also the seventh coach to win 999 games, but I digress.)

What is not exclusive about this club is the lack of championships won by a few of the members.

Of the seven NBA coaches with the most wins, three have never won an NBA title. And two others only won one championship each. That is two championships total, for five of the seven winningest NBA coaches.

Here is the full list*…

NBA coaches

That seems pretty bizarre. But it might help to know exactly how odd this is if we compare this list to the top seven coaches in the other major professional sports leagues…

Major pro coaches

All seven of the winningest MLB coaches have at least one World Series title. And only one NFL coach failed to win a championship (Marty Shottenheimer).

Interestingly, the top NBA coaches most resemble the NHL coaches. Of the NHL coaches with the most wins, three never won a title.

It is unclear why the NBA and the NHL keep hiring coaches that have never gotten their teams to the promised land. But it sure seems like those sports are far more forgiving than baseball and football.

*Win totals through Monday

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