Yet ANOTHER Teammate Says He Saw Lance Armstrong Use PEDs

Lance Armstrong

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CBS News is reporting that George Hincapie, another former teammate of Lance Armstrong’s, testified before a federal grand jury that he and Armstrong supplied each other with EPO and other banned substances.It’s the second major accusation to come out of their 60 Minutes report on Armstrong, set to air this Sunday.

Hincapie refused to comment on the report last night, citing the ongoing investigation, but did not deny the story. He did not participate in the CBS story.

However, Hincapie may be the most credible witness yet. As we reported yesterday, Armstrong has always defended himself by claiming he has never failed a drug test, while simultaneously attacking the credibility of his accusers.

Unlike Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton, two other teammates who pointed fingers at Armstrong after their own careers were ended by drug accusation, Hincapie has no failed drug tests on his record, so he’s never had to defend himself against those charges (and then change his story) the way the others have.

A third team Frankie Andreu, has also admitted to using blood doping drugs, but did not have direct knowledge of Armstrong’s use.

He was also long considered one of Armstrong’s most loyal teammates, as they were often roommates when travelling with the U.S. Postal Service Team. Armstrong’s “Facts4Lance” website has not been updated to reflect this latest charge.

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