Kellyanne Conway's husband reportedly gives anti-Trump writers suggestions on how to improve their arguments

Kellyanne Conway. Picture: Getty Images
  • Writers have said they received un-solicited suggestions on how to improve their anti-Trump arguments from the husband of White House official Kellyanne Conway.
  • George Conway has attracted attention in the West Wing for tweets critical of the administration.
  • Kellyanne avoids discussing her husband’s tweets and statements.

Two writers who wrote columns critical of President Donald Trump told Politico that George Conway, husband of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, emailed them out of the blue with suggestions on how to strengthen their anti-Trump arguments.

George Conway, a highly respected corporate attorney, has kept a low public profile until now. According to Politico, he struggles with his disdain for how, in his view, the administration is flouting legal norms and the rule of law. He reportedly turned down offers for two White House positions – solicitor general and head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.

On his Twitter account, he routinely re-tweets articles critical of the administration that his wife helps lead to over 50,000 followers.

Some of his most eye-catching tweets, some of which were later deleted, included deeming a report that Trump’s lawyer looked into pardons for two aides “flabbergasting,” called Trump’s other behaviour “absurd,” and shared a Wall Street Journal op-ed titled, “The Stormy Daniels Damage.”

Most of his Twitter activity is critical of the administration’s efforts to discredit special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the alleged ties between Russia and the Trump campaign. The New York Times described him earlier this month as “taking the White House to task.”

Unlike his wife, George stays away from most TV and media interviews, but did call Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s assertion that Trump could not be subpoenaed as part of the Mueller investigation “drivel” in an interview with Reuters.

Last month, Kellyanne lashed out at CNN’s Dana Bash when asked about her husband’s tweets, accusing Bash of invoking a sexist double standard.

“We’re now going to talk about other people’s spouses and significant others just because they either work at the White House or CNN? Are we going to do that? You just went there,” she responded.

Bash replied that she would have “a thousand per cent” asked about her husband’s tweets if she were a man. Later, Kellyanne tweeted the line of questioning was “meant to embarrass and harass” her.

George declined to comment further on his tweets when contacted by Politico. “If I wanted to say anything publicly, I would say it,” he replied.

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