George Clooney’s neighbour threw a counter-fundraiser for Bernie Sanders as Hillary Clinton arrived for a Hollywood fundraiser

Clooney Counterparty
Bernie Sanders supporters line the street near a Hillary Clinton fundraiser hosted by George Clooney and other Hollywood stars. Screenshot via Twitter

Oscar-winning actor George Clooney hosted a couple of pricey fundraising events for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign on Friday and Saturday.

The events — one in San Francisco, the other in Hollywood — have stirred up some criticism for their high-dollar ticket prices, which ranged from $33,400 each to $353,400 per couple.

At the Clooney/Clinton soirée in Hollywood on Saturday, Clooney’s neighbour threw a competing fundraiser for Clinton’s Democratic presidential primary rival, Bernie Sanders, The Hill reported.

According to political reporter Tina Daunt, the $27-per-person event was dubbed the “99% Party,” and hosted by Howard Gold, the man whose family established the 99 Cents Only franchise. 

Here’s the invite that was sent to Sanders’ supporters:

“Swimming pools, Movie stars and merriment for all,” the invite read. The so-called Clooney Counterparty drew a crowd along the route of Clinton’s motorcade:

The #ClooneyCounterparty lines the street leading to @HillaryClinton ‘s 100k/plate fundraiser. #FeelTheBern
— Sanders Fangirl (@sandersfangirl) April 17, 2016

While in Los Angeles Saturday, Clinton also visited a local communtiy college, the LA Times reported.

Clinton’s ties to deep-pocketed supporters on Wall Street and in Hollywood have often opened her up to criticism from Sanders throughout the Democratic primary season.

The senator from Vermont has zeroed in on those apparent connections to draw parallels to what he sees as a troubled campaign finance system, and to question Clinton’s integrity.

Sanders often points to his campaign’s comparatively smaller donations as he rails against the influence of big money in politics.

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