GEORGE CLOONEY: 'We Cannot Be Told We Can't See Something By Kim Jong Un, Of All F-----g People'

Actor George Clooney isn’t happy about Sony’s decision to pull “The Interview” before its Dec. 25 release, even after a group of hackers threatened any theatres that showed the comedy film.

Clooney, who initially circulated a petition to stand in solidarity with Sony, now believes Sony should release the film online — immediately.

“We should be in the position right now of going on offence with this,” Clooney told Deadline. “Do whatever you can to get this movie out. Not because everybody has to see the movie, but because I’m not going to be told we can’t see the movie.”

“That’s the most important part,” Clooney added. “We cannot be told we can’t see something by Kim Jong Un, of all f—–g people.”

In a news conference Friday, President Obama also said he believed Sony was making a mistake by pulling “the Interview” entirely, despite the damage they had caused by releasing thousands of internal Sony emails. 

“I wish [Sony] had spoken to me first,” President Obama said. “I would have told them do not get into a pattern where you’re intimidated by these kinds of criminal attacks.”

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