George Clooney May Have To Testify In Berlusconi's Sex Trial

clooney canalis

George Clooney and his girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, are on the list of potential witnesses for Italian foreign minister Silvio Berlusconi‘s prostitution trial.

The underage girl at the centre of the case — known as “Ruby” — reportedly saw Clooney and Canalis at one of Berlusconi’s now-famous parties. Canalis denied the allegation.

They’re among 136 witnesses that may be called in the case.

If they end up on the stand, this will be the second time both Clooney and Canalis are caught up in a legal imbroglio in the past year.

Canalis’s name came up in a nightclub bust — when the owners of a bar suspected to be staying afloat from cocaine sales came under fire, one witness testified that they had done coke with Canalis at the club.

And Clooney had to go to court to strike down a clothing line called GC Exclusive, which used his name without his permission.

There, he famously validated his claim to know nothing of the line by wisecracking, “I don’t wear long jean shorts.”

But if someone places him at a Berlusconi naked romp, he should think about reversing that claim.

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