Do You Know Where This Dusty Country Road Is?


Can you guess where this dusty, country road is?

It looks like it could be in the American southwest, but it’s actually in southeastern Australia—over 13,500 km away.

Thanks to an addictive new geography game called GeoGuessr, you can now spend hours guessing the locations of mysterious landscapes around the world.

GeoGuessr takes screenshots of random Google Street View images and asks you to click on a world map to guess where those locations are. You’re then given points based on how close you guessed to the correct destination. You can guess five times in a row before you’re given a final score.

The game is surprisingly difficult, but there are some tricks that might help you earn a higher score. Slate recently posted a story that gives some tips on how to beat the game—most notably that “Google’s Street View cameras have covered an impressive portion of the globe, but large swaths of Asia, Africa, and South America remain uncharted.”

Before you head over to, just be prepared to spend some time in front of your computer, since the game is really fun—and really addictive.

Click here to play.

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