Geocaching Made Easy With Garmin’s Android And iPhone Apps

In the past, geocaching has been an activity overlooked by most. Partly because nobody really knew what it was and partly because you needed a GPS-enabled device to participate, like a Garmin.

But now, thanks to GPS-enabled Android and Apple devices, geocaching will finally be noticed by the masses in Garmin’s own OpenCaching.

Geocaching is a real-world outdoor activity much like an Easter egg hunt, except you’re not hunting plastic eggs—you’re hunting mysterious “geocache” containers scattered across the world.

Embracing your inner pirate in this modern day treasure hunt, you search the OpenCaching website to find potential caches in your area. Your maps are GPS coordinates and your treasures could be anything, but most likely it will be simple—a logbook for geocachers to record their name and date of find.



     OpenCatching for Android and iOS devices connects you right to the OpenCatching website, where a whole geocaching community exists. You can navigate to hidden treasure troves, hide and register your own caches, and sign the logbook right from your own DROID or iPhone. You can even filter cache searches based on the type of cache, difficulty, terrain, size and awesomeness.


This new app is sure to turn smartphones users into bona fide geocachers.

Via Geocaching Made Easy with Garmin’s Android and iPhone Apps on WonderHowTo.

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