This iPhone App Turns The World Into A Real-Life Treasure Hunt


All I’ve ever wanted is to be Indiana Jones, so when I heard about geocaching it caught my attention.

Geocaching is an activity that makes use of a GPS device to find containers hidden outdoors. It’s a real-life treasure hunt without being chased and shot at.

There are over 1 million geocaches hidden around the world, including Antarctica and the International Space Station. A cache can contain anything from a logbook for you to sign to a collection of knick-knacks for you to add to and take from.

The largest list of geocaches is maintained by a company called Groundspeak, and it developed an excellent app that makes use of your smartphone’s GPS abilities to help you find caches wherever you are.

You can download the app for $9.99 on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.

I took the opportunity to try it out on my iPhone — here’s what happened.

If you’re already a geocacher, here’s a warning: this post contains spoilers for geocache GC38A3P.

It displays a list of caches organised by distance. The Fort Greene cache is closest, so let's tap on that one

It gives us a rundown on what to expect in the cache and a history of Fort Greene Park, where the cache is hidden

So we took off and got started

Fort Greene Park is right around the corner now

And we've arrived

Each cache usually includes a hint, so when we got close we took a look for some help

This makes it much easier

We found the cache almost immediately

You can save a brief note with the log

Then you send it all to the servers, where other users can check it out

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