A self-proclaimed ‘lifelong Democrat’ took the stage at a Trump rally wearing a ‘TRUMP WON’ t-shirt

Geno DiFabio
Geno DiFabio delivers a speech to President Donald Trump at a rally in Youngstown, Ohio. Fox News

When President Donald Trump went on stage
in Youngstown, Ohio, for a rally Tuesday night, he also introduced a supporter he called one of the “Democrats that voted for Trump.”
“[Fox News] had a man on this morning who was a Democrat his whole life, he voted as a Democrat, but he voted for, I say ‘us,’ I don’t say ‘me,’ he voted for us in the last election 2016,” Trump told supporters at the packed Covelli Centre. “And they said to him, ‘So if the election were held now again, what would you do?'”

“Man, would I vote for Trump again even faster,” Trump said.

Trump then introduced Geno DiFabio, a Ohioan voter who claimed to have sided with the Republican Party for the first time. DiFabio appeared on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” earlier Tuesday, where he said he “couldn’t be happier” with his vote.

Wearing a shirt with “TRUMP WON” in a bold, red font, DiFabio thanked the president as he spoke to the crowd for several minutes.

“This guy’s got something, he’s the real deal,” DiFabio said while pointing to Trump. “Everybody else came and they says ‘Oh, we’re gonna fight for you, we’re fighting for you.’ Well this is Youngstown Mr. President. But this is also the steel valley. Every one of these people love you, sir.”

DiFabio also applauded Trump for his Supreme Court pick: “Thank you for Justice Gorsuch on the Supreme Court,” DiFabio said. “That started it all.”

“Thank you for Melania,” DiFabio continued. “Could we have a more outstanding First Lady? I’m probably gonna be in trouble with my wife, but God bless that woman.”

“Thank you sir, for keeping the promises that you’ve made to these 12,000 people and to the country.”