Clinton campaign chair: Trump’s playing his ‘favourite sport, which is to dive in the sewer and go for a swim’

John podesta
John Podesta after addressing the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair on Sunday slammed Donald Trump’s reaction to her campaign’s decision to invite billionaire investor Mark Cuban to the first presidential debate.

Trump responded on Saturday to Clinton’s invitation to Cuban by threatening to bring to the debate Gennifer Flowers, a woman with whom former President Bill Clinton admitted to having an affair several decades ago.

In a Sunday interview with “Meet The Press,” Clinton campaign chair John Podesta defended the decision to invite Cuban, who has repeatedly criticised Trump’s grasp on domestic and foreign policy, and characterised Trump’s response as unpresidential.

“Mark Cuban is one of the business leaders who was never involved in partisan politics who’s endorsed Hillary because he thinks she’ll do better for the economy,” Podesta said. “You saw [Trump’s] reaction, which is to do his favourite sport, which is to dive in the sewer and go for a swim.”

On Sunday, the Trump campaign walked back the Republican presidential nominee’s threat.

In a Sunday interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway denied that Trump, who has made headlines with his own extramarital affairs, would formally invite Flowers to the debate.

“I can’t believe how easily baited the Clinton campaign was,” Conway said. “Basically, Mr. Trump was saying look, if Mark Cuban is going to send out these texts saying ‘The Humbling at Hofstra,’ and ‘This is his big downfall,’ then Mr. Trump was putting them on notice that we can certainly invite guests that make it into the head of Hillary Clinton.”

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