Gennady Golovkin — the 2nd-best boxer in the world — is in an ugly war of words with his potential next opponent

Gennady Golovkin

Over the last few weeks undefeated boxers Andre Ward and Gennady Golovkin have traded barbs in an ongoing dispute over a possible fight.

The initial attacks began in February when Golovkin’s trainer, Abel Sanchez, repeatedly called out Ward. He said Ward wouldn’t last 12 rounds with Golovkin, and that he hasn’t put in the effort needed to make the potential fight happen.

“Three years ago I said that nobody from 154 pounds to 168 pounds will go 12 rounds with Gennady, I say that now,” Sanchez told FightHype’s Luis Sandoval. “Not even Andre Ward would go [12 rounds]. But Andre Ward’s got to call [Golovkin’s promoter] Tom Loeffler, his people have got to call Tom Loeffler, make an offer. … Make an offer then that way the fight will get made. You just keep talking it’s never going to get made.”

Ward then responded with a full fledged rant in an interview with Boxing Scene’s Rick Reeno, calling Golovkin and his camp liars and saying they’re the ones that have been ducking and making countless excuses:

“Guys like [Carl] Froch, or even [Gennady] Golovkin, these guys have had at least eight or nine different excuses — from ‘we’ll fight everybody but him, we’ve got to build it up, he’s scared, he’s just talking.’ It’s just ridiculous…You can’t come to my weight class and side-step me. Just because a trainer or a promoter says something, it doesn’t make it true. … All of the different narratives that they come up with, all of the different excuses and even lies they come up with — I am not going to get caught up in that and you are not going to hear me calling this guy’s name no more.”

Ward also insinuated that Golovkin is “begging” for a fight with Miguel Cotto or Canelo Alvarez because the two weigh much less than the current 172-pound Ward:

“He’s going to cross his fingers that Canelo or Cotto take a fight with him. He’s literally begging these guys, who are smaller guys, to step in the ring and fight with him, but you can’t have this reputation that you want to claim without fighting the best.”

When Golovkin was made aware of Ward’s comments, he didn’t hold back any punches in an interview with AllBoxing. While the interview was in Russian, SB nation has a translated copy of the transcript:

“Hey, Ward, wake up! Why are you talking trash about other people? Speak for yourself. If you’re trying to make a name for yourself by mentioning me to build up your own fight, then be a man about it and tell the truth. At our meeting with HBO they asked us whether we are ready to box. You know our answers — I said yes, you said no. You said something about your shoulder or promoter — I’m not interested in the reason, I only heard your “no.” But you remember that HBO said then that they would need a long time to build-up the fight. Then what the f— are you talking about excuses?”

“If you do provocative attacks, do not even think that Loeffler [Gennady’s K2 promoter] will buy into them. You haven’t been interesting to anyone for a long time, so he will no longer engage in the promotion of your name. Go and build your own image. Although everyone already knows what you are, and because of this, they do not go to your fights.”

“You shouldn’t worry about who I’m going to box or have boxed. You, like the rest, were lucky with the ‘Super Six’ tournament because you got your opponents by contract. And who are you fighting now? The fourth-fifth ranked fighters in England. … If I say that I’m ready to box any middleweight and ready to rise to 168 for a big fight, then I am responsible for the words. And I have nothing left to discuss with you. As a man, you are dead to me.”

If these latest attacks are any indication, expect a heated bout between the two if they ever do manage to get into the ring together.

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