You're going to need this accessory if you want to play your Nintendo Switch with wireless headphones

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The Genki Bluetooth adaptor started as a successful Kickstarter project in June 2018.

It surpassed its $US30,000 goal in less than two hours – raising more than $US530,000 from over 9,000 backers.

Clearly, there is a massive interest in being able to use Bluetooth headphones with your Nintendo Switch.

I’ve had a chance to try the Genki audio combo for several weeks now, thanks to the kind folks at Human Things who sent me the Genki audio combo to review. This one costs $US70, which I would highly recommend getting if you plan on playing from your TV at all. (Human Things also sells a standalone Genki mobile adaptor for if you only play your Switch on the go; that costs $US50.)

Here’s what I think about the Genki Bluetooth adaptor for the Nintendo Switch:

First of all, Human Things sends your Genki in an adorable Nintendo Switch case, which is perfect.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

All of the components fit neatly inside the case.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

The Genki audio combo consists of:

  • the main Genki adaptor, which plugs into the Nintendo Switch’s USB-C port for mobile play;
  • a dock adaptor, so you can use Bluetooth headphones with your Switch while it’s connected to your TV;
  • a microphone, so you can play games that support voice chat like “Fortnite” (although this doesn’t work so well in docked mode);
  • and a foldable stand, which lets you play your Switch, with the Genki attached, on a tabletop.

The Genki case also looks great next to your other Nintendo Switch games.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

Setting up the Genki couldn’t be easier.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

Just take the main adaptor and plug it into the USB-C port in your Nintendo Switch. Hold the button on the side of the adaptor to begin pairing; at this point, find the wireless headphones you want to use, turn on “pairing mode” for those headphones, and you should connect instantly.

I paired my AirPods with the Genki right away. The AirPods case has a button on the back of the case for manual pairing; push that, and it syncs with Genki like a charm.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

The Genki supports up to two pairs of headphones, in case you want to sync your AirPods and a pair of over-ear headphones.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

What’s really neat is that the Genki supports multi-broadcasting, so you can play with a friend and both of you will hear the game simultaneously.

Human Things

You’ll never have to worry about recharging Genki. It has no batteries, and gets power from the Nintendo Switch via the USB-C port.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

From my time with the Genki, it seemed to draw very minimal power from the Switch. That was my primary concern with this device, since the Switch doesn’t have great battery life to begin with, but I’m happy to report the Genki didn’t make it noticeably worse.

The only slight downside, which I noticed almost immediately, was that there was some audio lag — but I would call it minimal. It did not detract from my experience at all, and the audio cues were never so bad that it affected my performance in a game.

Human Things

You might be tempted to buy the $US50 version of Genki, which only includes the adaptor, but I would highly recommend buying the $US70 combo that includes the dock adaptor.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

Buying the Genki combo also nets you a Switch stand and microphone, which are nice touches – especially since the stand is small and collapsible – but the combo is definitely worth it for the dock adaptor, which lets you use wireless headphones while playing Switch on your television. Now you can enjoy your Switch games late into the night without worrying about disturbing others.

Overall, Genki is the total package.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

I love being able to play “Dark Souls Remastered” with my AirPods on, and I love that it supports multiplayer audio, since the Switch was really designed to be played with others.

I also love how thoughtful the hardware is; there are no additional cords, and all of the components are small, lightweight, and serve a purpose. The fact they can all be easily packaged and transported in a Nintendo Switch game case is brilliant.

If you’re looking for a way to use Bluetooth headphones with your Switch, you might find other solutions out there, but none feel as polished as the Genki combo. It’s well worth the $US70.

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