DETROIT ON TOP: General Motors Is Once Again The Largest Automaker In The World

general motors headquarters

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With over nine million cars sold, General Motors has once again become the world’s largest automaker.According to the Detroit Free Press, figures released this morning put GM back at the top of the standings, surpassing Toyota and VW to sit at number one.

VW sold a little over eight million cars in 2011 with Toyota estimated to have come in just shy of that mark. The Japanese tsunami played a large role in Toyota’s reduced output and sales.

Almost 600,000 cars were sold in China, a 9.5% gain over 2010. This is outpacing the growth of the overall Chinese market, which stood at 2.5% year-to-year.

This bodes well for GM, as the Chinese market is expected to accelerate once again in 2012.

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