General Motors' Global Marketing Chief Is Out—Here's Today's Ad Brief

general motors

General Motor’s global marketing chief, Joel Ewanick, is leaving the company after two years at the auto maker. According to the Wall Street Journal, he was ousted “marking the latest shake-up in the auto maker’s senior ranks.” This year, GM announced it was pulling its Super Bowl spots and was bailing out of Facebook right before the company’s IPO.

Financial Times now has more digital subscriptions than it has a global print circulation.

Is Ronald McDonald coming back?

Thanks to Twitter and NBC’s questionable decision to push big Olympic events into the prime time spot even though they occurred hours before (increasing viewership…and spoilers) #NBCfail is now a thing.

Baldwin&, a 22 person ad agency based in North Carolina, has won Ad Age’s small agency of the year award.

Here’s why Noah Brier left the advertising agency world to start his own company.

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