Who Knew General Electric Made All These Cool GIFs?

plane GE gifA GE H80-powered 510G aircraft flies low over a field in Georgia.

Photo: GE

General Electric is currently running a campaign (by BBDO) titled “brilliant machines,” which celebrates the robots it helps make.But did you know that GE is quietly mastering the world of memes and photoblogs, too?

It has a handsome Tumblr account on which it promotes a huge cache of Instagram beauty shots of its products. If you like engines, trains and planes — this is the blog for you.

Best of all, GE has a lot of GIFs you can share, many of them in the eerie “cinemagraph” style we told you about back in September.

Here’s a gallery of GE GIFS, many of them shot by Adam Senatori. Give them a few moments to load.

Here, a northbound Juice Train passes a train returning to Florida.

Thrush pilot Terry Humphrey flying his GE H80-powered 510G aircraft in Georgia.

Photographer Adam Senatori won a GE Instagram competition, so the company asked him to make a bunch more photos of its factories.

These are scenes from the factory floor of GE Aviation in Wales.

A cinemagraph is simply a particular style of GIF.

Most GIFs are made up of a few dozen still images played repeatedly on top of each other like a flipbook, so that the whole scene moves.

The result is that you see a photograph in which one element moves, spookily, on its own.

Careful with that wrench, man!

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