The Conservatives have failed to win a majority: The results of the 2017 UK general election

Jeremy corbyn polling stationLeon Neal/Getty ImagesLabour party leader Jeremy Corbyn smiles as he leaves the polling station at Pakeman Primary School in London.

With all but 20 or so seats still to declare, the likely result of the 2017 general election is projected to look like this:

  • Party, seats won [seats before the vote]
  • Cons 318 [330]
  • Lab 262 [256]
  • SNP 35 [56]
  • Lib Dem 13 [8]
  • Green 1 [1]
  • PLAID CYMRU 3 [3]
  • UKIP 0 [1]
  • OTHERS 18

Here’s how the votes stacked up:

A government needs to command at least 326 seats to command a majority of the 650-seat House of Commons. So Prime Minister Theresa May will now need to negotiate with other parties in hopes of forming a government.

She may not be able to. Having thrown away a poll lead of up to 20 points back in April, her own party members may insist that she resign.

You can read our live, updated coverage of the results here.

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