Check Out General Assembly, NYC's New, Ridiculously Gorgeous Startup Office Space (PHOTO TOUR)

General Assembly founders

There have been shared startup office spaces in New York City for years, but never one like this.

You’ll want to pay a visit to General Assembly, a new office and community space with a sharp focus on quality and design, which shows in both its initial base of tenants and the space itself.

Perks include a great office, awesome location, smart neighbours to chat with, and — coming soon — Blue Bottle coffee service.

(We first wrote about General Assembly earlier this month, noting it as the “Worst-kept secret in New York tech.”)

The whole-floor space in Manhattan’s Flatiron neighbourhood is warm, bright, and impressive — a great way to give your tiny startup an extra feeling of legitimacy to potential partners.

And with a large communal space and classroom, it should quickly become one of the city’s go-to venues for after-work socializing and meetups. General Assembly is already planning sessions on building web apps, “Design thinking with IDEO,” law for entrepreneurs, and “lean” user experience design.

As impressive as the office space is its initial “class” of entrepreneurs working here, such as the Yipit team,, CollegeOnly, and others.

And some of General Assembly’s impressive roster of partners include IDEO, Skype (which donated TVs), and the city of New York, which donated $200,000 to support the space and programming.

Ryan Matzner, Fashism's Brooke Moreland, and G.A. intern Etan Berkowitz hang out in the entry way/reception area. The black board in the background contains the names of the companies who either work there (Yipit,, etc.) or are partners (Idea, Skype, etc.). The letters are magnetic so they can be changed as tenants move in and out.

Here's the big, central communal space. Room for events, meetings, or just hanging out.

A super long table custom-made from reclaimed wood.

G.A.'s design savvy extends into the small details like lamps. This one's made out of poured concrete, by U.K. firm Decode.

Another cool lamp, from Canada's Castor.

The meeting rooms have red lamps over the doors to indicate when they're in use.

Obligatory kitchen shot. Crucial: Two dishwashers.

Kim Karpf, Michelle Madden, and Karla Holtze, taking care of business.

Another common space, which can be walled off for meetings, seminars, etc.

Brew PR's Brooke Hammerling shows off the locker/mailroom gadgets that will be installed in this room.

In another room, a bunch of HDTVs that Skype donated. These will be set up for Skype videoconferencing, presentations, etc.

Nothing interesting in here! Though at least the building used the tiles that make it feel like you're in the Paris Metro.

This is a classroom that will be available for classes, seminars, and other programming. (General Assembly promises they'll be much more than a workplace, with all sorts of classes and sessions open to the public/broader tech community.)

Here's one of the work spaces.

If you look up, you can see the lighting is very neat in here, too: Pipes snaking around the ceiling with light tubes coming out of the ends. By Brooklyn-based Karl Zahn.

Here's team Fashism, Brooke Moreland and Ashley Granata. Their site/app lets you post photos of your outfit for real-time fashion feedback.

This is team SeatGeek, led by founder Russ D'Souza. They aggregate tickets for concerts and sporting events, and offer ticket price forecasts.

Here's another, bigger office space on the other side of the building.

General Assembly's design guru, Mimi O Chun. She has an MFA from Yale and worked at IDEO.

Here's one of her inspiration boards for some design work she's doing.

Mimi also created this tiny furniture for the General Assembly website.

General Assembly partner Jake Schwartz, who runs corporate development and finance. He has a Wharton MBA and used to work at Associated Partners, a PE firm.

Nice views all around of the Flatiron area, including some classic NYC buildings.

High-tech desks with built-in power and ethernet.

G.A. partner Adam Pritzker shows off these neat high-backed couches, which make for great meeting areas, or nap areas if you work too late.

Teams College Only (a social network funded by early Facebook investor Peter Thiel) and (web platform for art galleries)

Yipit cofounder Jim Moran ponders what's for lunch

Hey, it's Brad Hargreaves, one of the General Assembly founding partners. He has a degree in molecular biology (and economics) from Yale and will be focusing on partnerships and operations at G.A.

Startup celebrity sighting! It's Josh Kushner of Thrive Capital, who's visiting, one of his portfolio companies.

Lots of fun in this place.

General Assembly's founding team bids us adieu: From left, Adam Pritzker, Jake Schwartz, Brad Hargreaves, and Matt Brimer.

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