How This Tech Startup Expanded Its Operations From Paris To New York City

Among the many challenges a small business can face, efficient communication between employees and teams is one of the most important issues, especially when that company decides to expand to a second office in another country.

That’s exactly the situation Paris-based startup Dashlane recently found itself in.

A two-year old company, Dashlane opened its first international office in New York two months ago.

While they managed to set up many of the basics pretty quickly, tasks like file sharing and regular company meetings presented some logistical challenges.

To offer Dashlane some helpful tips and advice, we brought in tech coach Peter Bell, Senior Vice President of Engineering at General Assembly, an organisation specializing in education in business and entrepreneurship, which has offices in New York, Sydney and London among others.

Watch the video below to see what advice he had for Dashlane and other small businesses that find themselves in a similar situation.



Produced by Kamelia Angelova, Robert Libetti & William Wei

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