General Assembly Co-Founder Is Leaving To Start A New Company

General Assembly, Adam Pritzker
Adam Pritzker is leaving his day to day role at General Assembly to pursue a new startup.

Adam Pritzker, one of General Assembly’s co-founders, is leaving his day-to-day role at the education startup to begin a new venture.

Pritzker’s next startup is called Assembled Brands, and he’s already hired a number of individuals to work on it with him. The startup has not yet launched. 

There isn’t much out about the startup yet. The webpage is merely a link to an email address for information inquiries. A source tells us the startup won’t be competitive with General Assembly (GA) in the education space, but it will implement some of the same over-arching concepts.

Pritzker, who was GA’s Chief Creative Officer and started the company with Matthew Brimer and Brad Hargreaves, will remain General Assembly’s chairperson. Prior to starting General Assembly, Pritzker graduated from Columbia University in 2007 with a degree in anthropology. He comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. His family owns the Hyatt hotel chain. 

GA has raised more than $14 million from notable tech investors such as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos through Bezos Expeditions and Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh through VegasTechFund. It’s launched campuses where startups can work and take entrepreneurial courses in eight cities around the world. 

We’ve reached out to Pritzker for comment.