General Assembly Has Had 6,000 People Take Its Classes, And It’s Opening A Second Huge Campus In NYC

915 Broadway
915 Broadway was the home of The New York Observer and The Guardian in Flat Iron.

General Assembly, a new school for entrepreneurs founded last year, is expanding its New York City presence.In June it will be opening another New York City campus across the street from its current one at 915 Broadway. The building formerly housed New York Observer and The Guardian

The 10,000 square foot space will be dedicated solely to the classes and programs General Assembly hosts. The new building will have six new classrooms; there won’t be any workspace for startups to rent desks.

“The new campus is an extension of what we’ve been doing,” co-founder Adam Pritzker tells us. He says General Assembly made the decision to launch a second campus in New York over another city because it’s dedicated to building a powerful educational experience there.

“New York has always been a real focus for us,” says Pritzker, who notes that there’s no real reason the startup hasn’t made its way to Silicon Valley yet. He says General Assembly was approached to open a campus in London, not the other way around.

In addition to helping make Manhattan a startup powerhouse, Pritzker says General Assembly is opening the second campus to meet high student demand.  “When we launched our first 60-hour program, we received 100 applications for 15 spots. They others have had similar high interest.” 

Since the first campus launched last January, Pritzker says more than 6,000 individuals have taken 400-some classes, workshops and programs General Assembly has offered.  There are already 200 people taking General Assembly classes in London and that campus hasn’t opened its doors yet.

In time, General Assembly will become even more school-like. While Prtizker doesn’t think it will ever compete with traditional universities (it will just complement them), General Assembly may hire full-time teachers in the future. General Assembly will also be working more with corporations to educate their staffers in mass.

The first partnering corporation is General Electric. After taking a successful workshop at General Assembly, GE agreed to send 100 of its employees through training at General Assembly.

“We really want to provide educational resources to people who need them,” says Prtizker.  “We’ll work with anyone who is looking to level up at work or learn something new within the context of technology, design and business.”

Here’s what the new campus looks like (the third window up will be GA’s second home):

915 Broadway General Assembly
The third window up will be the new General Assembly campus.

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