The Worst-Kept Secret In New York Tech

General Assembly

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General Assembly, a super-trendy work space for startups in Manhattan, is open for business. And it’s beautiful.And for one reason or another, they seem to be trying to keep it under wraps for just a little while longer.

So now you know, if you didn’t already. Start begging your friends for a tour!

What is General Assembly?

  • It’s 16,000 square feet of office space near New York’s Union Square, set up for startups to rent desks.
  • It’s definitely targeting the design-conscious. As General Assembly brags here, Vitra, a European furniture maker, is “custom-furnishing the place.” (“We couldn’t be happier.”)
  • One person who visited described it to friends as “Communal in most of the right ways, with lots of perks like food/coffee/kitchen, lockers, lots of meeting rooms, etc.” This person added, “It’s roomy and if you needed to take a nap, you could.”
  • Beyond offices, it’s also an event space, and will host startup community functions, etc. There will be classes and speeches.
  • And so far, it’s hosting some top-shelf startups, including, Yipit, Fashism, and CollegeOnly.

  • Yale grads Brad Hargreaves and Matt Brimer are the guys behind it.

That’s most of what we know so far. Stay tuned for more. And, perhaps someday, one of our semi-famous office tours.

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