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Top Apple analyst Gene Munster just laid out what’s next for Apple at our IGNITION conference.We have his slides here, and we’ve added his commentary and context for each one. 

Perhaps the most important subject Munster touched on was the long-rumoured Apple television set and what he thinks it will be like.

Munster’s latest estimate has the Apple TV launch pegged for November 2013. He also touched on what Apple gadgets will look like five to 10 years from now as we move away from traditional laptops and PCs and into a fully-mobile world. 

What's next?

Here's Munster's boilerplate disclosure. Don't worry, things are about to get really interesting...

Even though Apple recently fired iOS boss Scott Forstall, hardware is still more important. There are plenty of touch-based operating systems out there. But people like to focus on hardware.

Jony Ive is now in charge of hardware and software design. Apple is in good hands.

So what's next? Munster breaks it down by what we can expect over the next year, next two years, and finally, the next several years.

The next thing coming from Apple will likely be a streaming radio service, sort of like Pandora.

Next, Apple will unveil its new operating systems for Macs, iPhones, and iPads at its big summer developers conference. You can also expect a MacBook Air with Retina display.

Fall of 2013 will be all about iPhones and iPads with a faster iPhone and an iPad with brand new design.

A month later, Apple will likely finally announce its television set.

How do we know the Apple TV is coming? The evidence is everywhere!

And consumers really want an Apple TV.

After 2013, Apple will be forced to release more new iPhone models per year in order to keep up with the rapid product cycle of competing Android phones.

What will the new iPhone product cycle look like? Expect a new one every six months or so.

Get ready for a battle over app developers and Internet services between Apple and Google.

Eventually, Apple will have to make a cheaper iPhone to snap up even more market share.

If Apple can make a very affordable, high-quality device, then it could reach 30% global market share.

You may not hear about it, but Apple is working hard at the next big frontiers in tech like automated gadgets and 3D printing.

Wrapping up: The recent management shakeup won't change much at Apple. And get ready for some really neat stuff in 2015 and beyond.

And now some more disclosures...

One more...

Want more about what the future will look like?

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