Analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray gave a presentation on Apple’s future at Business Insider’s Ignition conference Tuesday.

Here’s the presentation he gave outlining his predictions for what’s next from Apple.

Just how big is Apple now?

The Apple platform is big too.

Here's what Munster thinks Apple will sell next year.

The most important stuff Apple makes.

Let's talk about platforms.

These are Apple's platforms today. iTunes, App Store, iCloud, Maps, iAd, and Apple Pay.

These are the media properties.

Hardware is important for those platforms.

And new products are coming.

More screen sizes are coming.

Teens prefer the iPhone.

iOS users spend more.

Tablet growth is slowing.

Everyone who wants an iPad already has one.

iAd is still tiny.

Get ready for the Apple Watch...

Do people want to buy one?

17% of iPhone owners would buy an Apple Watch.

Apple will sell 10 million watches next year.

What's the killer feature?

The Apple Watch does more than normal watches.

What about TV?

Munster admits he's been wrong that Apple will make a TV.

Apple waits a few years between new product categories. TV is next.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been teasing TV.

Do people want an Apple TV?

First, what will it be able to do?

What about content? If Apple makes a TV, the content will come.

How's Apple Pay doing?

So far, so good.

Apple Pay has more retail partners than the competition.

Apple Pay could be used for other stuff like paying for paywalled news sites.

Apple Pay could be the new PayPal.

More is coming to the Apple platform...

Control your home with your iPhone thanks to HomeKit.

HomeKit will let you control most stuff in your home.

Your iPhone will become the hub for health tracking.

Third parties can plug into HealthKit too.

WatchKit is the tool developers will use to make apps for Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch will be all about notifications from your apps.

And it will show you relevant information when you need it.

It will also work with Apple Pay.

Other uses include unlocking your hotel room door.

CarPlay brings iOS to the car.

This is what CarPlay looks like. You plug your iPhone into your car and the screen changes to display all your apps.

In summary: Apple is building various platforms that it will distribute to you through it's hardware. It's going to touch every part of your life soon.

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