This chart shows the gender pay gap extends all the way to the top of the corporate ladder

  • The gender pay gap extends to the highest levels of the corporate pyramid.
  • According to a study provided to Business Insider by executive networking and crowdsourcing firm ExecThread, recruiters for top-level executive positions tend to approach male executives with higher paying job opportunities than they do female executives.
  • ExecThread found in the study of 246 job opportunities presented by recruiters to their members that, on average, men being recruited for top positions were presented opportunities that pay about $US30,000 more than opportunities presented to women.
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The gender pay gap between men and women in the US continues to remain stubbornly large, and it extends even to the very top of the corporate pyramid.

According to a new study sent to Business Insider by executive networking and crowdsourcing firm ExecThread, job opportunities presented by recruiters to top-level male executives tend to be far higher paying than those presented to their female counterparts.

ExecThread analysed job opportunities presented to their members by executive search firms seeking top-level executives. According to ExecThread, these job opportunities were for high-level positions that were not publicly advertised, hence coming from exclusive executive recruiters.

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ExecThread crowdsourced 246 job opportunities presented by recruiters to their members for Senior Director, VP, SVP, and C-suite level positions. 55 of the job opportunities were presented to women, and 191 were presented to men. They then compared the average low- and high-end compensation range of the job opportunities presented to female executives to those presented to male executives, as well as the average mid-points of the compensation ranges. They found that men on average are presented with much higher-paying job opportunities than women:

Gender gap for top executive offers v3Business Insider/Andy Kiersz, data from ExecThread

ExecThread noted that the difference between the average compensation midpoints for men and women was about $US30,000. That is, on average, “men were approached by executive recruiters for job opportunities that pay 12.0% more than those jobs that executive recruiters approached women for,” according to ExecThread.

The gender disparity around compensation for high-level executive positions extends to the very top of that already high-flying group. Among the 18 ExecThread members who were approached for job opportunities with a midpoint between the high and low end of the salary range of at least $US500,000, 17 were men and only one was a woman.

Reinforcing their findings that top male executives are approached for higher-paying job opportunities than top female executives, ExecThread ran a second analysis on a slightly larger set of offers that included Senior Manager and Director-level positions in addition to the more senior executive positions in the first study. Using a statistical test that controlled for various job characteristics like industry, job type, and seniority level, they still found a large gender gap, with male executives being approached by recruiters for job opportunities that pay on average about $US25,000 more than jobs than their female counterparts are approached for.

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