Geithner Was "Sorely Tempted" To Become Citigroup CEO Instead Of Taking This Thankless Government Job

tim geithner small hands pinch AP

Tim Geithner has launched a huge charm offensive to help his image.

It’s awesome.

After grocery shopping with Michelle Obama (and leering weirdly at lettuce), Geithner will now enjoy a profile in Vogue.

We can’t wait.

Here’s one revelation:

“He was “sorely tempted” by an offer to run Citigroup.”

No surprise there.

The good news is, you don’t pass forever on a huge Wall Street job, you just delay gratification.  Tim Geithner is earning his future Wall Street bonuses in spades right now (in fact, Tim has arguably done more for Wall Street than any man in history).  Those fabulous paydays are just a couple of years away.

The Geithner to Goldman clock is now ticking even louder.

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