Geithner Threatened Reporter Over AIG / Goldman Bailout?

There’s an interesting nugget in Chris Whalen’s latest column on Tim Geithner.  Chris, who runs Institutional Risk Analytics, thinks Geithner’s nomination should be withdrawn or rejected–not just because of the tax issue but because of the decisions Geithner has made so far during the Great Bailout.  Chris’s arguments are interesting, but the point we want more information on comes in the last paragraph:

To me, the apparent conflict of interest between Geithner, Hank Paulson, Robert Rubin and other principals of Goldman Sachs is Topic A for the Senate confirmation hearing.   In particular, I’d like to see Paulson finally respond to the numerous FOIA requests from news organisation for his telephone and email logs. [Absolutely!] 

In particular, the Senate needs to focus on the reported activities of Geithner on behalf of Goldman Sachs to stop members of the media from reporting on Geithner’s apparent rescue of GS by bailing our AIG.  I understand that Geithner threatened a member of the NY press corps because of that journalist’s reporting on the AIG rescue.  I have promised said journalist not to reveal the writer’s name for now, but I hope to see that writer in touch with members of the Senate minority early next week.

This sounds like BS to us–the product of a game of telephone and/or a snubbed journalist’s ego–but we’d certainly like to hear more.  If you can elaborate, please let us know: [email protected]

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