Tim Geithner Seriously Cashing In On The Speaker Circuit

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In the world of politics and policy, it’s good to be a “former” something — at least when it comes to speaking engagements.

For former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, who certainly paid his political dues by enduring the worst of the financial crisis and its aftermath, it’s time to cash in.

The Financial Times reports Geithner recently took home $400,000 for three speaking engagements.

From the FT:

A speech at a Deutsche Bank conference last month netted him about $200,000, according to people familiar with the situation, underscoring the lucrative fees that former public officials can receive.

After leaving the Obama administration in January, Geithner has taken his expertise on the road.

Mr Geithner was also the main attraction at Blackstone’s annual meeting in April, and the following month appeared at Warburg Pincus’s annual meeting. He was paid no more than $100,000 by each of the private equity groups, according to people familiar with the matter.

Of course, he has a long way to go before he’s at the top of the speaker fee pack. Bill Clinton and Tony Blair have reportedly earned millions for private speaking events after leaving office, according to the FT.

Read the full report at the Financial Times>

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