Geithner: Don't Worry, Rich Voters, We're Only Going To Raise The Capital Gains And Dividend Tax To 20%

GeithnerYeah, baby. Hard at work keeping you rich!

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner sung sweet music to rich voters today when he implied that the Obama administration will only raise capital gains and dividend taxes to 20% (instead of the 39.6% that some Dems are stumping for).John McKinnon, WSJ:

In a CNBC interview late Wednesday, Geithner said the Obama administration still hopes to hold the top tax rate on both capital gains and dividends to 20% next year – the level the White House has been proposing since taking office.

Of course, a 20% rate would represent a big increase over the current 15%. But it’s a lot better than the 39.6% top rate for dividends that congressional Democrats have signaled they were planning next year for higher earners.

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