Geeks in Love


Have the urge to stand outside her window, holding you iPod over your head, playing that song? Or maybe you want to stalk your beloved using Google maps?

You go, geek!

For Valentine’s Day, couldn’t help itself and nosed around to find some of the geekiest marriage proposals.

One of the mot creative:


“And then there’s Dan Deeble, who concocted a similar idea in October 2008. He found an iPhone app called Scribular, which works with the handset’s GPS and allows users to tag locations with notes. Deeble put on his geeky-romantic thinking hat, and he came up with a creative way to use Scribular. He drove around Sacramento, leaving notes for his partner Crystal Gardner at various locations. He loaded Scribular on her iPhone, too, and had her friends calling her throughout the day, telling her to check the app. Finally the two met at a restaurant, where Gardner checked Scribular one more time to see another note: “Almost one year ago, I found you — and I found love…. I ask if you will grant me the greatest privilege of my life and marry me. Forever yours, Dan.”