Gears of War 3 Enlists 1 Million Preorders

By M.H. Williams

Epic Games has announced that Gears of War 3 has been preordered more than one million times and has reached that record faster than any other Xbox 360-exclusive. 1.29 million players slaughtered each other in the recent multiplayer beta.

“An overwhelming success – we can’t thank the fans enough,” said Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski. “While the beta was a fun way to give players an early taste of our game, it also provided us with invaluable feedback to help us refine and polish Gears of War 3 to ensure it’s truly the culmination of the trilogy we promised to the fans.”

Other statistics from the beta include:

Over the course of four weeks, fans played more than 11 million multiplayer matches.

  • 1.29 million people participated in the beta
  • 145 different countries participated in the beta
  • 249 years worth of matches played
  • More than 11 million matches completed
  • More than 927 million kills recorded
  • More than 131 million executions performed
  • More than 23 million deaths by chainsaw
  • Nearly 23 billion bullets fired
  • 460 million ribbons and 294 million medals earned
  • 435 thousand people earned the beta exclusive Thrashball Cole skin to use in the retail game when it launches in September
  • 234 thousand people earned the beta exclusive Gold Retro Lancer to use in the retail game when it launches in September.

Gears of War 3 will be released on the Xbox 360 on September 20, 2011.