GE is showing a 27-inch voice-activated 'kitchen hub' smart screen for above the stove that can walk you through recipes and make video calls

  • GE has released a “kitchen hub” smart screen that can walk you through cooking recipes, make video calls, and share culinary shots to social media.
  • The 27-inch screen is designed to integrate into your kitchen setup, since the microwave-looking device replaces your exhaust vent directly above your stove.
  • A prototype of the screen debuted at 2018’s Consumer Electronics Show, but GE says the actual product will be on display at this year’s show.

General Electric may already power many of the electronics and appliances in your home, but the company is hoping its voice-powered smart touchscreen will become the central hub of your kitchen.

GE – which has long been in the smart home market with smart microwaves and other smart appliances – is now selling a “Kitchen Hub” smart screen. The display responds to voice commands, makes video calls, streams TV and movies, and can operate connected smart devices.

The Kitchen Hub draws comparisons to smart speakers with visual displays, like the Google Home Hub and the Amazon Echo Show. However, GE’s device has a 27-inch screen, and is installed directly into the hood above your stove where you would would mount an exhaust vent or a microwave. The Kitchen Hub is also expected to have a hefty pricetag: GE says the price will range between $US1,200 and $US1,400.

The Kitchen Hub first premiered a year ago at CES 2018, but never officially launched. A GE spokesperson told Business Insider that the model at last year’s CES was a prototype, and that the product on display at CES 2019 is the actual item. The product will be available beginning in May, according to the company.

Check out some more details about the GE Kitchen Hub:

This is GE’s Kitchen Hub, a 27-inch smart touchscreen display powered with Google Assistant to respond to voice commands. The hub is designed to slide right into the space above your stove, where you would find your exhaust vent or a microwave.


The hub comes equipped with a trove of recipes and and instructions that are accessible while you’re cooking.


Beyond cooking, the Kitchen Hub can connect with the other smart devices in your home, so it can be used to operate lights, doorbell cameras, baby monitors, and more.


Source: The Verge

The hub will also have access to streaming services like Netflix and Spotify, so it can be used for playing movies, TV and music while you cook.


The Kitchen Hub includes a front-facing camera for video chatting and for taking photos.


The hub is located right in “the heart of the kitchen,” and sits at eye level for “comfortable viewing,” GE says. However, the display lacks anything to protect the screen from messes and splatters made while you’re cooking, which may make it more prone to damage or more difficult to clean.


Some smart displays already on the market are similarly designed to be used in the kitchen, such as the Google Home Hub and Amazon Echo Show. However, these displays are much smaller and sit on your counter, while the Kitchen Hub is much bigger and is featured more comfortably at eye level.

Business Insider

While smaller, portable smart displays cost between $US100 and $US300, GE’s kitchen hub will be priced between $US1,200 and $US1,400.


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