Jeff Goldblum Strips To His Undies In Hilarious 'Infomercial' For GE

Jeff Goldblum GE AdGeneral ElectricJeff Goldblum strips down in his latest GE ad.

General Electric has become known for its quirky advertising over the years, but the utility company may have just surpassed itself with this hilarious “infomercial” starring Jurassic Park actor Jeff Goldblum.

Goldblum strips down to some tiny shorts to play piano in a hot tub and generally hams up the stereotypical cheesy celebrity to explain how you can get “successful guy lighting at normal guy prices.”

GE’s new Link lightbulb costs just 66 cents a year — Goldblum quips that he spends that on moist towelettes “every 13 seconds.”

We won’t spoil any more of the fun. Take a look for yourselves.

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