GE Sees $25 Billion From Green Business In 2010

GE put out a report on its eco-biz today, which is embedded below. The highlights:

  • GE is firmly embedded in all aspects of the green tech movement, which gives it access to global politicians, investors, and just about everyone. Good news for them since Immelt says total green element of the world’s stimulus packages is $400 billion.
  • It reduced its own costs by $100 million through efficiency gains.
  • It thinks revenue from the Ecomagination unit will be $25 billion in 2010. No word on what means in terms of profit.
  • It will spend $1.5 billion on green R&D in 2010.

Here’s a slide from last week’s presentation at the Goldman Sachs alt energy conference that breaks down the revenue.

immelt GE fludder green




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