GE Helps Eco-Conscious Thinkers Make a $200 Million Difference

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It’s an opportunity to change the way the world works. It’s a chance to share your eco-friendly innovations with others. It’s worth $200 million. We’re talking about the GE Ecomagination Challenge – the contest that invites green-conscious people and groups from all over the world to enter their ideas and experiments with grid technology. Hundreds have answered the call, suggesting everything from solar-powered roadways to a green social network that helps people stay on track and reduce their energy costs.

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Take a look at a few of the other most popular submissions thus far:

•    From net zero to waste zero: Use building integrated clean technology (BICT) – such as wind power and geothermal heat pump systems – to engineer structures into the most cost-effective, net-zero energy buildings.
•    Use power how and where it’s generated: Upgrade conventional power delivery through a microgrid that’s deployed incrementally, improving overall efficiency, sustainability, and reliability of the smart grid and those it serves.

Are you ready to address global warming to a global crowd and have your thoughts heard, entertained, and possibly brought to life? You can change the ways we create power, build buildings, and save energy. If GE believes your submission for energy independence can have a maximum impact on society’s energy dependence, you could receive a cash grant, GE research centre fellowship, a cooperative agreement to develop a product or technology, and/or an equity investment.

Get on the grid your way and be the one responsible for helping others join you. Visit the GE Ecomagination Challenge by September 30, 2010, to view all contest entries, get additional details, and make a difference in the world.

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