Is It A Good Idea To Set Your CEO Loose On The Company Twitter Account?

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This Is What Happens When Your CEO Take Over Your Company’s Twitter For A Day (HubSpot)
HubSpot, a marketing software company, set its CEO Brian Halligan loose on the company Twitter account for a day. A bit of chaos ensued, including Freudian slips, news leaks, and a random mentions of Gwyneth Paltrow. But there were high points too. The CEO made himself extra accessible to all of the company’s followers and shared his jargon-free views on what makes the company’s products great. Read > 

GE’s Matrix-Themed Social Media Campaign #BrilliantMachines (The Next Big Design)
Blogger Michael Plishka saw GE’s ad starring Agent Smith from The Matrix movies and tweeted about it. He was surprised to receive a tweeted reply from GE, and then a box in the mail containing material linked to the campaign, including red and blue lollipops. He writes that it’s an example of social media marketing done right. Read >   

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Facebook Plans For Waze (TechCrunch)

As the entire tech press corps reported, Facebook is working on a $1 billion acquisition of social mapping and navigation app Waze. The mobile app consists of crowdsourced, real time traffic updates from a network of 45 million drivers. If the deal goes through, it would be one of Facebook’s largest acquisitions since it acquired photo-sharing mobile app Instagram for roughly the same price in April 2012. Recently, Waze had  been the subject of multiple acquisition rumours. Speculation abounds as to why Facebook would spend so heavily for a traffic app. Adding Waze would help bolster Facebook’s mobile presence, which continues to occupy an increasing share of the company’s overall ad revenue. Read >

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LinkedIn’s Unsettling ‘People You May Know’ And ‘People Also Viewed’ Features
In a contrarian take on the professional social network, David Veldt takes apart some of the main social ingredients on LinkedIn. He asks why certain people, like his casual Twitter acquaintances and ex-girlfriends, show up in his “People You May Know” feature. That serves him as the starting point for a deep dive into LinkedIn’s data, its privacy settings, and its customer service — including a few email back-and-forths with LinkedIn’s support team. In sum, Veldt doesn’t like what he sees, particularly in LinkedIn’s pre-selected privacy controls. Read > 


Microsoft Says Yammer Has Grown Tremendously (The Next Web)
The social platform for businesses grew over 200 per cent in the first quarter compared to the first quarter of 2012. Read > 

You Can Now Block TV Spoilers From Appearing On Your Twitter Feed
 (The Verge)
Sometimes you haven’t seen the latest episode of Homeland, meaning you can’t go on Twitter on Sunday nights. Luckily, a 17-year-old high school student has developed a way to clear your Twitter feed of TV spoilers. Jennie Lamere won the TVnext Hack competition with her app, which blocks hashtags and users associated with a TV show, and then at the appropriate time puts back all the blocked tweets to the top of the feed, using Klout influence to determine which are most important to the user. Read >

Facebook Home Hits 1 Million Downloads (The Next Web)
Four weeks after its release, Facebook Home has topped 1 million downloads. Note that downloads doesn’t necessarily translate to active users. Home is only available on a few devices — including the HTC First, which dropped in price to $0.99 this week — but it doesn’t look like it’s going to radically change the mobile landscape just yet. Read >   

YouTube Officially Launches Subscription Channels (The Next Web)
YouTube will start the subscription service by offering a small number of paid channels with pricing at 99 cents per month. The paid channels include a few from big-name brands like National Geographic, UFC, and Jim Henson. At first, the paid channels will only be viewable on desktop. This opens up a new revenue stream for YouTube, aside from its advertising platform. Read >

Flipboard Comes To Android Platform (Engadget)
Flipboard, the popular user-generated social magazine app, has finally arrived on the Android platform. The app was previously limited to Apple’s iOS. Read > 

Learning From The Onion’s Approach To Social Media (Huffington Post)
Klout recently met with executives at The Onion to learn more about their approach to social media, specifically how they utilized Twitter to become more engaged with their audience across platforms. Read >

Pheed Will Now Stream Pay-Per-View Broadcasts (All Things Digital)
Multimedia aggregator app Pheed, which allows users to share all types of content across a unified platform, will now provide an avenue for users to broadcast a live stream. Pheed will provide users an in-app payment system so that users broadcasting the live stream can charge other Pheed members to view the content. Read >

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