A Polish city mayor was stabbed to death in front of thousands of people at a charity event

  • Paweł Adamowicz, mayor of the northern Polish city of Gdańsk, has died after he was stabbed on-stage at a charity event.
  • Adamowicz was stabbed on Sunday and Poland’s health minister said on Monday that he had died.
  • He was stabbed by a man who reportedly told the crowd that Adamowicz’s former party had wrongly imprisoned him.

The mayor of a northern Polish city died after he was stabbed on stage in front of thousands of people at a charity event on Sunday.

Paweł Adamowicz, who served as the mayor of Gdańsk since 1998, was taken to hospital on Sunday evening and received emergency care into the night, Reuters reported.

On Monday, Poland’s health minister Lukasz Szumowski said that Adamowicz had died.

“We couldn’t win,” he told The Guardian.

A photograph from the event shows a man holding a knife on stage, just after Adamowicz was stabbed:

Adamowicz, 53, was stabbed by a man who rushed on to the stage during the annual Great Orchestra of Christmas charity event, where volunteers collect millions of euros for medical equipment for hospitals, according to Reuters.

TV footage showed the man shouting that “Adamowicz is dead.”

He told the crowd that he blamed Adamowicz’s former party, the Civic Platform party, for wrongfully imprisoning him in 2014, The Guardian reported.

Doctors operated on Adamowicz for five hours after the attack, Poland’s state news agency PAP said.

Photos from the event show him talking to locals and collecting money for charity.

Adamowicz, a liberal politician, has a wife and two daughters, according to the BBC.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Twitter: “The assassination of President Paul Adamowicz is a huge tragedy for us.” “It is a great evil that awakens condemnation, great sadness and regret,” he said.

According to Reuters, Polish President Andrzej Duda will meet with the leaders of the country’s political parties on Monday to organise a march against violence and hatred.

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