Actually, Obama's Gay Marriage Endorsement Hasn't Really Made A Difference In Support

Obama gay marriage

Photo: ABC/Screenshot

Despite the hoopla that resulted from President Barack Obama’s public endorsement of gay marriage in early May and some of the prominent organisations that have followed suit, a new poll shows that Obama’s endorsement hasn’t had any effect on public opinion. The poll, conducted by the Pew Research centre, shows that public support for same-sex marriage has jumped only a single point since Obama’s announcement almost three months ago. Opposition to same-sex marriage has also risen a point, so the four-point net support remains the same. 

Here’s a look from Pew:

Obama gay marriage

Photo: Pew Research centre

But Obama’s endorsement has moved Democratic support of gay marriage a bit higher. 60-five per cent of Democrats now support same-sex marriage, a 6-point leap from April. The Democratic National Committee’s draft of its party platform now includes a pro-gay marriage position, which was reportedly agreed upon over the weekend. 

Long-term support for gay marriage remains on the rise. But Obama’s endorsement has not led to the quick boom in support that many advocates originally expected

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