Here's How Gay Marriage Is Faring In Tonight's Election

minnesota gay marriage banNorthwestern College students in Minnesota explain why they are opposed to gay marriage.

Photo: Minnesota for Marriage/Facebook

Voters in Maine, Maryland, Washington, and Minnesota had the opportunity tonight to approve or ban gay marriage in their respective states.Here’s how the issue has fared thus far:

  • Before the election, Maryland and Maine seemed to have majorities supporting gay marriage. And incomplete returns earlier in the night showed close contests in both states, according to The Associated Press. 
  • A little more than half of voters in Maine approved same-sex marriage Forbes reported Tuesday night. As of 9:30 p.m. EST, 36 per cent of precincts had reported results.
  • Lawmakers in Washington approved gay-marriage laws earlier this year, but election results are not yet available for the state.
  • Voters in Minnesota had to decide whether the state would ban gay marriage in its constitution. Earlier today, pictures of Northwestern College students explaining why they oppose gay marriage went viral. 
  • So far, 55 per cent of voters in Minnesota are voting no in regards to the ballot measure, according to HuffPost. 

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