Couple Sues Anti-Gay Group For Using Their Engagement Photo In This Ad

Tom privitere brian edwards gay marriage

Photo: NBC News

Tom Privitere and Brian Edwards’ engagement photos in front of the Brooklyn Bridge were supposed to mark a happy moment in their lives.But that memory was spoiled in early 2012, when the couple found out that a “family values” nonprofit  had been using their photo to bash same-sex marriage, according to NBC.

Now the gay couple, who married in a civil ceremony in Connecticut in 2010, and the photographer are suing Public Advocate of the United States for using the image, according to NBC.

The couple claimed that Public Advocate was using their photo to spread a “message of hate” by writing the words, “State Senator Jean White’s Idea of ‘Family Values?” on it.

They are asking for a court order saying the nonprofit broke the law and are seeking damages, costs, and attorney fees for the copyrighted photo, according to NBC.

“We want to take back the beautiful moment in our lives that was reflected in our engagement photo before it was hijacked,” Edwards told NBC on Monday.

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