Gawker's Secret Weapon


Talking about AOL with a top exec at one of the big media companies, we asked something like: “Aren’t they just Gawker Media wrapped in costly corporate trappings?” And this exec basically said, “Woah, Gawker is nothing to sneeze at.” And it’s true, Gawker ad revenues are up 27% in the middle of recession.

Part of that has to be traffic that keeps growing. And part of that traffic growth has to do with something Fimoculous’s Rex Sorgatz noticed in Gawker Media owner Nick Denton’s interview in AdAge:

Everyone’s quoting various parts of that Denton interview, but this was the surprising stat to me: “Nielsen research shows that nearly 34% of Gawker readers have their own blogs, a key influencer statistic. Gawker readers, it turns out, have their own audience.”

We dug around and found that full Nielsen report on Gawker readers. Turns out they’re young, computer-savvy, RSS-reading atheists with good cholesterol:



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