Gawker Video Dude Kills Monthly Media Party


“Media Meshing,” the monthly party for NYC media-types thrown by Gawker Media video dude Richard Blakeley, is going away. Blakeley (pictured, flexing biceps) is killing the party after this month’s, Mediabistro reports. Why? Blakeley blames the economy:

“There was a need for [Media Meshing] because media companies were hiring and most people freelance… The party was really a unique networking event for people in media — low pressure, organic social scenario. But in the last year, the entire environment of media has changed — bloated mastheads are being trimmed down, expenses are being cut everywhere. This time last year people would have several offers to move to various places. Now people are just happy to keep the jobs they have. So not only are many media people now unemployed, the job availability in the business has changed. And it seems kind of rude to be getting trashed when people are without jobs — no one wants the party to take on a desperate kind of vibe.”

We’re not sure this is true. Even last month’s Media Meshing was as busy and high-spirited as necessary. There’s never a bad time for booze-fuelled networking — especially in bad times.

So we’re hoping Blakeley’s just lazy. (He does promise us more ambitious plans next year.)

In the meantime, we’ll wring together some sort of informal Meshing-like event starting in January. Consider yourself invited; details to follow.

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Photo: Kate Miltner