Gawker: Smaller Staff, Christmas Party

Over the weekend, Gawker writer Joshua David Stein announced that he’s leaving Nick Denton’s flagship blog along with managing editor Choire Sicha and writer Emily Gould. This means that half of Gawker’s staff has resigned since Friday (though Choire, at least, is still gutting it out for a bit – he’s now listed as a “columnist” on Gawker’s masthead).

Nick’s critics are seizing on the idea that the departures represent a crisis for him and his company, though we think they maybe overstating the case: As we recall, there is hand-wringing each time Gawker’s top editor leaves, and yet Nick has always been able to find a suitable replacement (interested?).

But! Those who wish Nick ill may be heartened to know that he has scaled back Gawker’s holiday party. On Saturday morning, Gawker Media’s Noah Robischon sent employees an email telling them not to expect a repeat of last year’s event, which apparently wasn’t an over-the-top gala to begin with:

“This year’s holiday party will be more intimate than last year’s shindig. Food and drink at Nick’s place, with another stop after. Bring your close friends, as well as past and future Gawkerites.”

Read into that what you will: Our read is that Nick wants to dazzle prospective new hires with glimpses of his Soho loft.

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