Gawker To Start Airing TV Show

gawker tv

that Gawker Media is going to going to start running a TV show its Kotaku blog.

Beginning next week Kotaku will be running full episodes of the Japanese reality/comedy show Retro Game Master.”

According to Kafka the show involves “a dude trying to master ancient, NES-era games, and it’s apparently a big hit in Japan and a cult favourite on the Internet.”  

Gawker has bought the rights to the first 12 episodes, all of which have been dubbed into English.

The rights were apparently cheap to come by, whether the show will be money-making remains to be seen.  Gawker hasn’t sold advertising against the show yet because they’re aren’t sure how it will perfom, however if it does well expect more. 

Not exactly NBC territory but definitely a step in that direction.  Get a preview of what to expect here.

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