Gawker Offers $1,000 For A New Picture Of Nikki Finke

nikkifinke tbi

Gawker Media wants to pay $1,000 for a new picture of Hollywood blog queen Nikki Finke.

Nikki is powerful and, having sold her site to Web mogul Jay Penske, relatively rich for a reporter.

But she’s not very photo-friendly.

In fact, there are just two pictures of Nikki floating around the Internet.

One is the photo we’ve pasted here. The other Gawker describes as “a mysterious rumpled image dating back to Nikki’s debutante days in which the first seeds of diabolic rage can clearly be discerned.”

Gawker’s Richard Rushfield says his boss, Nick Denton, is willing to pay up to remedy the situation:

We are thus stuck with the one darn Evil Headmistress picture appearing again and again in wave after wave of profile and profile-debunking.

Everybody complains about the weather but Gawker is ready to do something about it. We hereby offer a $1000 bounty to the first person who can produce a web-ready, usable, recent photograph of Nikki Finke, sparing media consumers of the future another thousand go-rounds with Evil Headmistress.

We encourage bounty seekers to pursue the prize through all legal and honorable means; please no urban ninja tactics and remember the laws of the land still apply, even to Hollywood picture-takers. But surely someone out there has or will seen her, or seen a picture and can help save the web from this terrible drought.

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