After getting a lot of heat, Gawker takes down a controversial post that embarrassed a rival's CFO

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Today Gawker Media, an online news site that often treads the line between news and gossip, did something it says is unprecedented: It took down a contentious post.

On Thursday night Gawker writer Jordan Sargent published an expose about David Geithner, the CFO of media giant Condé Nast’s and brother of former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.

It used an pseudonymous single source to indicate the married media executive was trying to hire a gay escort.

Once the article went live, the company was inundated with dissenting voices. Tweets from former Gawker employees and articles from journalism organisations all lambasted the post.

Earlier this afternoon one of Gawker’s former writers, Adam Weinstein, took to his personal blog to criticise the post and the publication as a whole. “On the whole, this current Gawker is not an incarnation I can endorse and defend vigorously. It’s not a Gawker I’ve been comfortable contributing to for a while,” Weinstein wrote.

And now Gawker CEO Nick Denton has announced that the site is taking down the post.

“The point of this story was not in my view sufficient to offset the embarrassment to the subject and his family. Accordingly, I have had the post taken down. It is the first time we have removed a significant news story for any reason other than factual error or legal settlement,” the CEO wrote.

Gawker is currently embroiled in a very high profile lawsuit over a previous post it wrote about Hulk Hogan.

Gawker is the high-brow gossip sheet covering media, entertainment, politics and technology.

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