Gawker Media Peddling Idolator Music Site?

Nick Denton is looking for a buyer for his Idolator music blog, reports Portfolio’s Jeff Bercovici. Nick says that’s not the case, but says people do make inquiries about Gawker Media and its 14 properties from time to time: “Have we occasionally taken a meeting? Well, sure,” he tells Jeff via IM.  “But, actually, the title that we were last approached about wasn’t Idolator.”

Regardless of who asked who, it wouldn’t be a shock to see GM shed Idolator. We’re big fans of the site, but it hasn’t really broken out of niche status since it launched in September 06; for most of this year it’s hovered around the 1M pageview mark. That’s not shabby for a two-person site, but Nick generally isn’t sentimental about his blogs, and that may not enough traffic or growth to satisfy him. And while we’re pointing out low-volume Gawker Media sites, we might also point out that “urban travel guide” Gridskipper has also not blown the doors off, though it’s picked up lately.

On the other hand, music blog Stereogum, which claimed 650,000 uniques in August, is now supposedly valued at $5 million. Portfolio thinks that number may be a bit exaggerated, but anything close to that and suddenly Idolator seems like a success.

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