Gawker Publishes 950-Page Document Dump About Mitt Romney's Investments


John Cook at Gawker has published a huge document dump offering more insight to Mitt Romney’s extensive investments.

What’s there are 950 pages continuing financial statements of over 20 funds that Mitt Romney has invested in.

There aren’t any bombshells.

Yes, these funds are in the Cayman Islands, and these funds have invested in companies that have benefitted from the stimulus in some way. But that’s pretty small potatoes.

The stuff people really want to know about — Romney’s taxes — are still a mystery.

If anything, we suspect these might be more interesting to people interested in finance, rather than politics.

There are some financial statements for hedge funds, including the well-known Viking Global, for example.

Something interesting might turn up but the basic gist is: Mitt Romney is involved in a lot of Cayman Islands-based entities that invest in all kinds of stuff. They might make for some fun browsing.

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