Gator Great Tim Tebow Rejects Gatorade For New Sports Drink

tim tebow

Despite riding the bench for most of the season, Tim Tebow already ranks among the most popular, and most marketable players in the NFL.

His jersey is the most popular among fans, his Davie-Brown Index rating tops that of Tom Brady, and he’s garnered so much interest from Madison Avenue that he’s actually had to turn down some seven-figure endorsement deals.

One deal he didn’t turn down though, came from FRS Health Energy. The company makes a sports drink loaded with Quercetin, an antioxidant often used to treat cancer patients.

The news comes as a surprise more for the company conspicuously absent from his list of endorsements: Gatorade. The PepsiCo brand was famously founded on the University of Florida campus, and named its product after the school’s athletic department, so one would think they’d be able to nab the football program’s most famous alum.

Instead, Tebow chose FRS because, according to Sporting News, he actually uses the supplement. We applaud that choice. And we believe consumers would, too. By lending his voice to a company he actually likes rather than selling out to the big company that probably offers the most money, Tebow is improving his marketing stock. 

He’s proving that he doesn’t just accept any endorsement, and prefers to speak for companies in which he truly believes. Combine that selectivity with his strong value system, and he can generate a level of trust with consumers rarely achieved by athletes. In other words, he’s well on his way to becoming the most coveted athlete spokesperson on the planet.

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