Gates Foundation Finds A Graceful Exit For Jeff Raikes

Jeff Raikes, the man who’s in charge of Microsoft Office and other business software at Microsoft (MSFT), announced he was leaving the company in January, but he’s not going far. He’s going to run the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Replacing him at Microsoft is Stephen Elop, the former COO of Juniper Networks.

Raikes, 49, has worked at Microsoft since 1981, and he was once considered a contender to run the company, but that was before Ray Ozzie came aboard and Microsoft engaged in a wrenching management overhaul that’s still working its way down the org chart.

Raikes is replacing Patty Stonesifer, who has overseen the Gates’ charitable activities since the mid 1990s, and is a former Microsoft executive herself. She steps down from the CEO spot at the end of the year, and Raikes will join the foundation in September.

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